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Wendell Potter

Executive Director

Wendell Potter is a former health insurance executive turned whistleblower who walked away from a career (20 years at Humana and Cigna) after a crisis of conscience shortly before Congress began debate on what became the Affordable Care Act.

Wendell testified before several House and Senate committees, pulling the curtains back on how insurers really operate and how they spend millions to mislead lawmakers and the public. He's since written three books: The NY Times-bestseller Deadly Spin, an ebook on the ACA, and, most recently, Nation on the Take, How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It.

He is now advocate for moving way beyond the ACA and leads two nonprofits (The Center for Health and Democracy and Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation). He keep a close eye on how insurers continue to make huge profits, even during the pandemic, while making life increasingly difficult for doctors and their patients.


Wendell Potter
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