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The Principles that guide this work.


Premiums should pay for insurance that actually protects people. Everyone who pays for health insurance should have access to health care with out-of-pocket costs that are affordable to their family.






Eliminating out-of-pocket expenses will improve the country’s health and economic well being. Out-of-pocket costs are impossibly high for many Americans and should be eliminated or capped at an affordable limit, regardless of the source of coverage.

The people most disadvantaged by high out-of-pocket costs are those with modest incomes, people of color, and those living with chronic conditions. Achieving a more equitable healthcare system, where healthcare is affordable to all, requires eliminating this barrier. 


Out-of-pockets keeps patients from seeking necessary treatments, tests, and services. Health plans can be designed to guard against overuse or inappropriate use while also making healthcare affordable at the point of service.

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